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Are you a collector of Exotica and Hawaiian music? You've come to the right place. I created this page becuase when I started collecting there simply were no resources for vintage Exotica or Tiki music in general that had been reissued on CD or downlaod. Collecting LP's is also part of the Tiki music passion, but I have focused on ditial reissues of vintage recordings (hence the name DigiTiki.) This is why I created the Beachcomber's Corner- a database of exotica that has been digitally reissued on CD or digital download.


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What is "Tiki Music?"
There really is no genre called "Tiki Music," but rather it is a group of genres (Exotica, Hawaiian, Ultra-Lounge and others) that generally fit well into a Tiki bar or tropical environment.

What is Exotica?
Exotica si a style of music popularized in the 1950's and 1960's in America and features atmospheric music designed to set a mood of far away tropical lands such as Hawaii or the Orient. The music stereotypically features sound effects like bird calls and jungle sounds, although relatively few albums in the genre actually featured such sounds.

Martin Denny is widely considered the "Father of Exotica" for having popularized the genre in the 50's and '60s. It was the title of Denny's first album "Exotica" that the genre gets its name.

Denny, along with his percussionist Augie Colon, invented the novelty of bird calls and jungle sounds within the music. The story goes that Denny's group was performing at the Shell Bar in Waikiki, HI which contained a water feature with frogs. When the band would start, the frogs would croak. When the music stopped, so would the frogs. People thought it was part of the music and began to request the songs with the frog sounds. Soon after, Colon-- a master bird caller, began to include bird calls in the songs.

While Denny is considered the "Father of Exotica," then Les Baxter must be credited as the "Godfather of Exotica." Baxter, a master composer and arranger with Capitol Records in the 40's and on into the 70's is the actual composer of such Denny classics as "Quiet Village", "Left Arm of Buddha", "Taboo" just to name a few. Baxter is credited for what is widely considere THE first Exotica release: "Ritual of the Savage" which featured exotic rhythms borrowed from Latin and African sounds and featured song titles that evoked far away lands.

Although the genre is typically associated with out-of-print LP's from 50 year ago, there are a small handful of modern artists recreating and reinterpreting Exotica today.

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A Word about collecting Tiki Music:
LP's: Exotica recrods were popular in America during the 50's and 60's but were still fairly niche. So used LP's other than those by Martin Denny or Arthur Lyman can be hard to find. Hawaiian music, on the other hand, was far more widely popular in the 50's and used Hawaiian LP's are quiet easy to find. Although, since the resurgence in the interest of the Tiki culture, good quality LP copies of these artifacts are becoming more and more scarce and thus, commanding higher and higher prices. Collecting vintage Tiki vinyl can be fun. But in this day and age, it can be quite expensive as well as take up a large amount of physical space in your home. Keep these factors in mind when starting your collection. Also, the the recent resurgence in popularity of vinyl, conetemporary bands are starting to release their albums on LP format in addition to CD and digital downloads. Prices are still reasonable for these LPs since they are new. But they too may command collector prices in the future as the releases are very niche.

CD's: If you thought Exotica on LP was rare, the CD releases are even more rare and are often released with little or no fanfare. There are expections, such as the music of Martin Denny which has been reissued on CD both as complete LPs on CD and a multitude of collections. However, some of the lesser known artists that have seen CD reissues have been much more difficult to track down. Regardless of popular belief, labels don't release a CD and manufacture them indefinitely. Some labels release niche market reissues in runs of 10,000 copies or less--WORLDWIDE! That means, when they're sold out, they're gone. So if you see one, GET IT....if you like it of course. Already, some CD reissues have gone out of print and are, themselves, high priced collectables. Some CD reissues have been released only in certain countries like Japan. This can add to the rarity and thus the high price of the reissue.

DIGITAL DOWNLAOD REISSUES: With the explosion in the popularity of online music sales such as iTunes Store, Amazon Music etc., some companies that hold the rights to these vintage recordings are actually reissuing them straight to online sales services and avoiding the cost of disc duplication. Also, as some popular CD reissues go out of print, they are being released as downloads (an example of this is the very sought after Les Baxter double CD collection "Exotic Moods of Les Baxter") Most of these releases are directly from the master tapes. But beware. In recent years, some labels have taken to releasing vintage albums as downloads that are sourced from LP's. In some cases the master tapes have been destroyed or are deteriorated beyond repair and the LP is the only source remaining. In other cases, its just pure laziness. Be sure to preview before you purchase. In some cases it is still worth it to get the LP sourced download because finding and buying the actual LP yourself can be very difficult and quite costly. Add to that, the technicality of digitizing the LP yourself, and buying the LP sourced download for less and $10 sounds like a bargain.