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Tiki Joe's Ocean

TIKI JOE'S OCEAN was formed by lifelong multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Andy Nazzal. Since 2009, he has released three Exotica/Latin/Lounge CDs to rave reviews from around the world. They return in a big way with the follow up to their Hawaii Music Award winning “Under the Midnight Sun” with their most sophisticated and ambitious project yet. “Soul of the Sea” is a dramatic step forward in 21st century Exotica. As always, TJO blends their trademark Exotica/Latin/Lounge style with evocative arrangements using a dizzying number of exotic instruments to create one rich landscape after another. Returning on this their 4th album is TJO veteran, the amazing vibraphonist, L.A.’s Mark Riddle, also famous for the Quiet Village Podcast. Making his debut is the brilliantly gifted young Seattle violinist Enrico Doan, and it’s all held together by Andy Nazzal who, in addition to once again writing and arranging each song, juggles over thirty instruments to deliver a solid and soon to be classic addition to the world of exotic music. “Soul of the Sea” is sure to knock the sand out of your slippahs! - Endless Alohas from Tiki Joe’s Ocean.



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