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Ways to Listen

To listen directly from this site, you can simply click on the  "LAUNCH WEB PLAYER" button above.

For mobile phones (iOS & Android): click on the "MOBILE DEVICE PLAYER" button.
There are also a number of internet radio apps.  TuneIn App is free on both device platforms.

Quiet Village Radio is also available through other services such as Sonos, Amazon devices including Echo and FireTV (Just say "Alexa, Play Quiet Village Radio"), Roku, and many others.
If you have the ability to manually input the stream address(URL) into your apps, here are the directions

TuneIn Radio

Click to listen FREE


Click to listen FREE

iTunes & WinAmp

Click icon to download the playlist file, open in iTunes or Winamp to stream on your computer. MAC: Option+Click to downlaod.

Windows Media Player

Click icon to listen with Windows Media Player.

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How to manually add the stream to iTunes or most other software players.

THe easiest way to add Quiet Village Radio to iTunes or Windows Media Player is to download the playlist file - linked above on this page.  Then just double click to open the downloaded file and your stream should start right away.

The process may differ slightly for your particular app, but here is the process to iTunes and it should be perry similar to most.

1.)  from the FILE menu, select OPEN STREAM.  This will open a window.

2.) type or paste the Quiet Village Radio stream into the URL or stream address field.  Hit OK or ENTER and you are good to go.

You may need to manually name the stream so you can see "Quiet Village Radio" in your song or stream list.

The URL address for the Quiet Village Radio Stream is:  https://cp3.shoutcheap.com:18380/stream

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